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Kimono Love

One thing I love about Japan is seeing all of the women dressed up in their traditional kimonos!! I think they look too beautiful and they always have the best braids. We bought traditional Japanese kimonos when we were there in April and I love them. I am not sure when we will ever wear them but I love to have them haha. Ironically before our trip I was browsing Free People and Zara and they had so many kimono inspired pieces which were perfect for our trip – this one is from Zara! I love the faux fur detail on the sleeves. Most of the temples we went to were really busy but this one we had all to ourselves. It was my favorite one we visited and I think because it was so quiet and we got to enjoy it more because of that.In these pics I am wearing my extensions that I cut to the length of my natural hair. When I get new extensions I always keep my old set and cut them so I have one long set and one my natural length. It is nice to just add a little thickness. Especially on days like t…

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