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A Second Homecoming—from City to Suburb

A Connecticut couple refreshes their first townhouseIn 2016, Brooklyn homeowner Lauren embarked on her first Sweeten renovation. The result: a beautiful alcove studio that was featured in a New York Times story on organizing small spaces. In 2017, she moved to Connecticut to join her fiancé and upgraded to a 3,000-square-foot condo in Stamford.Space was no longer an issue, but the home appeared to be stuck in the early ‘80s. There was also a suspiciously damp smell from the accumulation of several leaks during the previous owners’ time there. Given her positive past experience with Sweeten, Lauren returned to post her latest project to find the best contracting team. (Luckily, Sweeten had recently expanded its free service, matching homeowners with vetted general contractors, to Fairfield County.) Read on for her take on renovating with Sweeten outside of New York City!
Guest post by Stamford homeowner LaurenThis is now my second Sweeten renovation and my first time renovating with my…

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