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At Home with Herringbone Patterns

This eye-catching design is having a momentIts familiar broken zigzag is something you’ve probably seen before in a tweed suit or jacket, calling to mind the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Chanel. From fashion to home design, this elegant pattern—expressed in a range of materials—makes a big impact. Below, eight homeowners make herringbone their own.A peek of oak herringbone underneath old carpeting inspired Kasey to restore the original floors in his prewar apartment. During his renovation, he discovered that the floors were in near perfect condition. A light touch-up was all that was needed to return them to their former glory.Nazli and Larry splurged on herringbone walnut floors in the kitchen and downstairs parlor, which quickly became one of their favorite features in the townhouse. The pattern, combined with the warmth of the stain, adds plenty of interest and texture.Looking for something more durable than wood, Allison and Jovito chose a porcelain tile with imitation grain to gi…

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